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Joraform JK-125 Composter Review

Based in Sweden, Joraform designs their composters according to Sweden’s stringent home composting regulations.  As a result, you can be certain you are getting a top of the line composter that is rodent proof and insulated. In fact, Joraform composters are considered by many to be the most efficient and effective waste composters worldwide.  Although they have several models available, ranging from small to extremely large, we are going to focus on the Joraform JK-125.

Joraform 125 Composter

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  • It features a sturdy and easy to assemble design.  However, it does require a power drill, wrench, and at least two people to completely assemble the composter.
  • It is easy to rotate. You simply turn the handles by hand.
  • It has dual compartments, which is ideal for continual composting.  One chamber can be filled, while the other is maturing.
  • It has 2” thick insulation that makes it perfect for any climate and can prolong the composting season for individuals living in colder areas.  The insulation allows bacteria and microbes to function through the winter, as well as helps temperatures inside the chamber rise quickly.  The heat eliminates any seeds that may have accidently been mixed in.
  • It is virtually odor free, thanks to the insulation.
  • It is composed of metal and has lockable covers that are impossible for rodents to penetrate.
  • It is constructed from only the best materials and it also has an aesthetically pleasing design that makes it hard for others to know what it is used for.


The Joraform JK-125 Composter ranges in price from $276 to $285, depending on whether or not a company is currently running a promotion on the product.

Joraform is certainly one of the best compost manufacturers in the world.  It is very rare to see any complaints about their composters.  I would highly recommend this compost, if price is not a concern.  It keeps everything out, while keeping smells in.  In addition, it is one of only a few composts that have dual chambers, so that you can use it continuously.  Ultimately, it has plenty of pros with minimal cons.